Trance Sanctuary is looking for a new venue to host our biggest event of the year on the 17th November. Since 2013 we have held our Saturday daytime parties at Egg London, but due to rebuilding work at the venue, we are looking to move this event to another nightclub.

We think Fabric would be an ideal venue to hold the party. It has a great reputation, it has got 3 rooms which we had planned to use at Egg and also it is the sort of size that we require. Close to 600 tickets have already been sold and we are looking to sell between 1300/1500 tickets.

Our events make between £25,000 - £30,000 on the bar. So we are looking for a venue that will keep the bar spend and we keep the ticket/on the door money to go towards the cost of the party.

Our event was going to be running between 3pm-11pm but our thinking is we could change that from 2pm-10pm and then there is 1 hour to get the club ready for Fabric's night event. We know that Fabric has a music policy and Trance is not part of that, but Egg didn't hold Trance events and they still took us on. We have actually heard Trance music on a Fabric dance floor when Armin van Buuren & Paul van Dyk played at a DJ Mag Top 100 party. Fabric wouldn't need to promote the event for us and they wouldn't even need to list the event on it's website.  All we need is a venue and it's staff  to help run a successful party.

Trance Sanctuary has a good dedicated crowd who do not cause problems. Also it's a different crowd that go to Fabric's night events so we wouldn't be impacting on Fabric's attendance for that night.

Egg's Production Manager Brian McMurray has said he would give us a reference. His email address is

Our Facebook Fan Page can be found here and find below an After Party video from our event last November.

Mark Landragin

Trance Sanctuary Promoter


Mobile: 07816562593

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