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Sneijder Interview 



























This August Sneijder headlines the sold out Trance Sanctuary & Friendz Boat Party in London. We are very much looking forward to the Irishman giving us a preview to his new tracks from his highly anticipated album 'Everything Changes'.


Known for his Uplifting and Tech Trance sound, we had a chat with him before the big day to find out what he has been up to. 



Hi Sneijder, it's been a busy first half of the year for you, what have been some of the highlights? 


This year has been really strong actually as far as great trance events go. Highlights this year so far have been, Subculture, New York, Pure Trance, LA, ASOT700 Argentina and Luminosity Beach, Holland.  We still are only half way through 2015 so plenty more great parties coming up. 























Earlier this year your first child was born, life must be incredibly busy... What is a typical week like for you? 


I don't have a typical week lol, randomness is one of the perks of fatherhood.  I found it tough at the start tbh as it was a complete shock to my strict daily routine, now it's fine though, I've adjusted and I am back to getting time to do things, Monday I usually relax and recharge after the weekend, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are studio days 10am - 9pm, and gym before the studio, Friday is my admin day, doing promos etc .. 



Can you tell us about your forthcoming album 'Everything Changes'? 


The album is something I have wanted to do for sometime now, I feel like I want to really showcase what I'm about as a person and an artist. I think I have a great foundations now for a good diverse album.  It will have all the music that I enjoy as DJ, a listener and that has influenced me so far, with my own twist on them of course, I'm excited for people to hear some of the new material. 
























How long have you been working on it for and how far away are you from finishing it? 


I had a few ideas on my laptop last summer, but the actual wheels were set in motion and the decision made around October last year, all the music is done except for 3 tracks, so I am just at the stage now of fine tuning and polishing off each track, I hope to have it all complete by the end of August. 



What have been some of your favourite dance music albums? 


There has been so many, if we are talking about Artist albums, the stand out ones for me are Prodigy - Experience, Leftfield - Leftism, John O'Callaghan - Never Fade Away, Giuseppe Ottaviani - GO! .. Mix albums I could name 50 easy, I will narrow it down to 3, Nick Warren GU Budapest, Sasha & Digweed - Northern Exposure, PVD Politics of Dancing Vol 1. 




















On the 8th August you will be playing on the Trance Sanctuary & Friendz Boat Party. What have your experiences been like of playing on boat parties? 

















They have always been really special, small but well tuned in clubbers, the intimacy of an event like that is something that makes it unique. I have played on many boat parties but only in Ibiza, so I'm excited to play my first one in UK.



How much are you looking forward to this event and what can people expect from your set?


I am really excited, this is my third Trance Sanctuary gig, I'm always talking about how good they are.  So I'm sure this one will live up to my expectations.  I will be showcasing lots of new album material for sure as well as my trademark uplifting sound, let's do it :) 



To keep up to date with Sneijder's work, follow him here https://www.facebook.com/sneijdermusic










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